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Although we are a French school teaching the French curriculum, French citizenship is not required. Admission requests are ranked on a 'first come, first served' basis, within the following priority groups:

  • Priority 1: Children with at least one parent employed by the school.
  • Priority 2: Children with a sibling currently at the school, or having attended the school in the past.
  • Priority 3: Pupils coming from a school from the network of accredited French school in London ('écoles françaises AEFE de Londres') for MS and CP registration, in accordance with established partnership rules.
  • Priority 4: Pupils coming from a school located in France (either state-run schools or subsidised private schools, also known as 'écoles privées sous contrat'), or from an accredited French school abroad ('écoles françaises AEFE'), or following the CNED curriculum.
  • Priority 5: Other pupils, with requests being ranked by their application date on a 'first come, first served' basis



For admission in Year 2 ('CP' level in French), a joint commission is organised every year to coordinate all applications across all the French schools in London.

If a child leaves the school in the middle of the school year, the vacancy will be filled according to the same priority criteria as standard applications (see above).

The application policy can be downloaded here: 

Admissions policy

For entry for and after CP level, the school reserves the right to assess the abilities of pupils coming from schools that are not accredited by the French Ministry of Education.


1. Please read the admission policy document: 

Admissions policy

2. Please fill in the application form and send it back to the school by post, along with the various documents required and the £150 registration fee. It is the reception date of the complete application form by the school (i.e. with the £150 deposit and the copy of the child's birth certificate) that will be used to rank the application on a 'first come, first served' basis.

The application form ('fiche_inscription') is available in two formats: .pdf and word, see below. You can fill them in electronically and email them back to the school admin office at the following address (please use the word document if possible): info@ecoleprevert.org.uk

For any other question regarding the application process, please get in touch at info@ecoleprevert.org.uk




Fiche d'inscription 




Fiche d'inscription  



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