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Wellbeing Wednesday - Benevolence Day!

26 Apr 2022


Benevolence Day - Thursday 28th April 2022
Focus on Equality

Welcome back! We hope that you had a great holiday and feel rested and ready for a jam packed term ahead.
We are excited to celebrate our 3rd Benevolence Day at school and our chosen focus is on 'Equality'. We have decided to concentrate on equal opportunities for girls and boys, in education and beyond. We will be learning that we can be anything we choose to be and our gender does not hold us back or decide the path we have to choose. 

The new parklet has been installed by the Local Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and we have been given permission to name it - as the School is named after the famous French poet and screenwriter Jacques Prévert, we will take the week to learn about inspirational women who have made amazing contributions to modern life and then vote on which woman to name the parklet after. We will also name the salle polyvalente after an inspirational woman. 

We are looking forward to sharing a wonderful week of learning with you. 

Best wishes,

Mrs Getty

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